Success requires so much more than just strategy - it comes from internal transformation and becoming the person you need to become to embody your next level. Here's what my past clients had to say about our time working together.


Cat Del Carmen - Business Coach and Host of Follow That Fear Podcast

"Mariela is the type of coach that will allow you to own your growth process but gives you so much to think about during that process. She helped me realize that everything I need is already within me; always reminding me that I am the owner of my growth, and extracting the leader in me.

Mariela empowered me to simplify my processes. As a person who loves to do all the things, Mariela helped me trim the fat off all the items on my to-do list, making it easier for me to take action.

Thank you, Mariela, for being by my side during one of the most pivotal chapters of my life. I grew into a real business woman with your guidance!"

Tiffany April - Digital & Growth Marketing Expert

Tiffany April - Digital & Growth Marketing Expert

Tiffany April - Digital & Growth Marketing Expert

"It’s hard to begin to summarize the work we’ve done together because it's just not one of those things you can condense into a neat little paragraph.

Mariela helped me extract what I already know, that I’m already capable, while also allowing me to maintain the expression of what felt right to me.

I didn’t need to “be” anything other than who I was. I don’t want to over use the word “authentic” but honestly - she GOT me and that’s just not something that can be easily manufactured.

My biggest wins have been clarity and trust in self, having my own back, knowing what it feels like to claim my power, and discernment to separate my feelings (observe vs being) while still using them as a compass for navigating difficult situations."

Kiku Chaudhuri - Co-Founder of Shaz&Kiks

Kiku Chaudhuri - Co-Founder of Shaz&Kiks

"I approached Mariela because I was struggling with a very unsettled and anxious mind after I launched my business.

Mariela really LISTENED and created an experience that was specific to me and my needs. She helped me refocus and work towards a more balanced mind, so I was able to maintain a 'winner' mentality that didn't waste too much time feeling low or down.

It felt like athletic conditioning or practicing an art form—she helped me get stronger mentally and ready for a marathon.

  • She helped me see the good that I was doing, to not always be so hypercritical of myself. 
  • To really dig deep and understand why I think the way I do, and how to clear away the things that are getting in the way. 
  • To understand the root cause of both the good and bad practices I have and how to navigate those in the right way.

Working with Mariela was incredibly productive, positive, and warm. She helped me reach a more balanced, focused mind and gave me the tools to come back to a productive mindset, whether from a big high or a big low. I felt very supported, heard and empowered throughout our work together!"

Kiku Chaudhuri - Co-Founder of Shaz&Kiks
Ariana Urbina - Pinterest Strategist

Ariana Urbina - Pinterest Strategist

Ariana Urbina - Pinterest Strategist

Mariela stood out to me as a leader because was one of the first Latina coaches I came across in the online space, had an amazing marketing background, and is a mom like me. When I started talking to her, I instantly knew that I wanted to work with her because she is so genuine.

While working together, I hit my first 10k month and surpassed 20k in course sales. Mariela guided me through 2 successful launches, and helped me pivot into a booked-out 1:1 coaching business before I went public. She helped me own my leadership in my industry and had unshakeable faith in me, which reminded me to have that faith in myself, too.

But most importantly, Mariela helped me find myself again: the me outside of my business and outside of my title of "mom".

After our 6 months of working together, I feel so much more myself than I have in a very long time. I am a better version of myself because she seamlessly meshes her business coaching with life coaching. I now have firm boundaries, practice self-care, take time to myself, and give myself credit for my accomplishments.

I can't say enough positive things about Mariela as a coach and as a person. She truly knows how to support folks and meet them where they're at. She's accepting, trustworthy, extremely talented at what she does, and her range of skills from marketing support, to mindset, to leadership.

I felt fully supported during our time together, and after every call and Voxer chat I felt empowered and ready to conquer what was in front of me. Someday when I'm making 7 figures, I'll have her Voxer support on autopay!

Taylor Sipple - Designer & CEO Tee Bird Golf Apparel

Taylor Sipple - Designer & CEO Tee Bird Golf Apparel

"Mariela helped me by making me realize that I could accomplish anything I wanted in this life. By diving deep into my personal beliefs, setting boundaries and putting myself first, trusting my body and intuition, and regaining my self-worth.

I loved her energy. She held me accountable when needed, pumped me up when I put in the work, and shed light on all the progress. She gave me courage with every single session - it was like a weekly pick-me-up that everyone should have!

My confidence is greater than ever and it really reflects in all aspects of my life, especially my new business. I now feel powerful launching my own brand with excitement instead of doubt.

Working with Mariela was transformational and uplifting. It was hard at times, but worth every difficult step as I knew I would come out stronger on the other side. It felt like I had a best friend I could count on and trust with my life."

Taylor Sipple - Designer & CEO Tee Bird Golf Apparel

Ariel Britney - Personal Stylist & Confidence Coach

"I knew working with Mariela would accelerate my success, but I’m absolutely blown away by what I’ve been able to accomplish during my time with her.

I saw not just a coach I wanted to work with, but the type of leader I aspired to be.

  • She reflected back my strengths, helping me apply those natural gifts in my business. 
  • She helped me heal generational trauma from being a daughter of immigrants and empowered me to speak out on my experiences as an Asian American woman.
  • She helped me gain confidence in my personal brand, build offers I’m proud of, and sharpened my intuition by encouraging me to make decisions. 
  • She supported and guided me through mindset blocks, and celebrated all my wins with me.
  • She helped me become the woman of my own dreams—so I could receive the blessings I had been praying for.

I feel so much more self-assured, signing dream clients, selling my services more confidently than ever, and living the dream reality I’d been hoping for.

Mariela, thank you for honestly changing my life. You’ve made such a profound impact on not just my business, but on my personal growth. You are such a blessing and light to your clients and to those who know you."


June Caloroso - Career Coach & Technical Recruiter at Facebook

"Both my business and personal brand have catapulted from the work that we've done together. I was even recently nominated by LinkedIn for a 2021 Talent Award, and honestly, I wouldn't have that award without Mariela’s guidance.

Before working with her, I was lost as to how to blend all my stories into my personal brand and business - my story of being a daughter of immigrants, a woman of color, and having a non-traditional background in the tech world.

Working with Mariela gave me so much more focus and clarity. On top of it all, she helped me tremendously as far as taking care of me: not only as a business owner, but also as a wife and mother.

She taught me that everything starts with you, and if you don’t take care of yourself, you can't be successful. Mariela has given me so much strength and strategy behind all aspects of life.

She is the purple unicorn of coaching! If you're looking to grow your business and get more guidance in life, Mariela is your girl."

Emily Santos - Brand Strategist at Santos & Co.

Emily Santos - Brand Strategist at Santos & Co.

"I approached Mariela because I was tired of being my worst enemy. She gave me permission to take care of myself and put myself first. I’m still putting the work we did into practice and will continue doing so for the rest of my life.

Before, I was always in search of a coach to validate me and my business, but now I realize that I don’t need another coach to tell me what I already know.

That feels very powerful, because I was getting tired of spending money on people and still feeling like there was something wrong with me. Now I know that there isn’t.

Mariela also helped me stay accountable towards myself, to put things on myself and not on others. Even though I still hold myself back occasionally, I now have the tools to help me move through things. I feel like I’m present in my body, not just existing outside of it. I feel like I’m myself - the good, bad and ugly. I’m really thankful for that."

Emily Santos - Brand Strategist at Santos & Co.
Donaji Mejia - Brand Strategist and Designer

Donaji Mejia - Brand Strategist and Designer

Donaji Mejia - Brand Strategist and Designer

"Working together gave me peace of mind, reassurance, and confidence. She helped me remember how my experience allows me to have a unique approach to my work. Now I know how to connect my story to how I show up in my business, and have a plan to keep moving forward.

I connected with Mariela’s message, and how she blends strategy while focusing on the human, mental health, and all the unique things we carry as first- and second-gen WOC.

She didn’t just focus on business systems, marketing, or branding, but so much more. I love how Mariela naturally integrates mindset work in her process. She knows how to dig deeper into something that may not seem like something to unpack but she connects the dots so well, you leave with so much more than you expected.

As a result, clarity has been huge! Without Mariela's help, I'd still be on the same path, trying to do it alone and feeling so overwhelmed that it would freeze me up from taking action.

She’s an amazing coach. So present and feels like you’re working with a partner, a sister, and for that I’m just so grateful."

Molly Ho - Marketing Mentor & CEO at Molly Ho Studio

Molly Ho - Marketing Mentor & CEO at Molly Ho Studio

"Mariela helped me see my strengths and how I was able to help others in my own unique way. Without her guidance and reassurance, I wouldn’t have done 1:1 intensives or felt confident charging at the price I was. But by doing the intensives, I generated so much social proof and demand.

It was definitely my favorite coaching experience. They say in marketing that people just want to feel seen, understood, and cared for - and I definitely felt all of that.

Whether it was life or business, I could tell Mariela genuinely cared about me and wanted the best for me, not only in biz but also in life."

Molly Ho - Marketing Mentor & CEO at Molly Ho Studio
Jenn Barthole - Senior Fashion Editor at Shape Magazine

Jenn Barthole - Senior Fashion Editor at Shape Magazine

Jenn Barthole - Senior Fashion Editor at Shape Magazine

“I cannot thank Mariela enough for the coaching, friendship and overall peace she has given me. Through our calls and communication, I have rebuilt my confidence, set boundaries, redefined friendships, and dreamed BIG.

She validated my experiences as a woman of color and daughter of immigrants, and how that played out in life and the workplace.

She empowered me to advocate for myself, and stopped me from "keeping score" and start doing what was best for me instead.

I am convinced that everyone needs a Mariela in their corner because she has made that much difference in my life.”

Audrey Diaz Robles - Confidence Coach

Audrey Diaz Robles - Confidence Coach

"Mariela empowered me to speak up for myself, because I can trust myself. I had so much resentment and burnout because of a lack of boundaries, which I didn't even realize were missing if it wasn't for her help. 

When I initially approached her to help me advance my business, Mariela saw how much my personal life was holding me back. Her story resonated with me and she had been through a lot of the major life changes that I have. 

She was very present and always checking in. I was able to fully be myself and share what I was feeling. She was a witness to my evolution. 

Although the work was hard, it really opened up my eyes to how I needed to show up for myself. And now, I am more at peace."

Audrey Diaz Robles - Confidence Coach

Hey, I'm Mariela...

I know what it's like to be the youngest and only woman of color sitting at the table. But I make sure I won't be the last.

For 15 years, I helped multi-million dollar companies and startups build profitable brands while growing highly-engaged, award-nominated marketing teams across the globe.

Leadership can take many forms, but it starts with us. I'll help you become an emotionally intelligent leader, in charge of your own life, who others fanatically follow.


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