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Leadership is so much more than just being in charge of people. It requires you to trust and lead yourself FIRST. It takes emotional intelligence and the ability to bring out the best in others. Here's what my past Leadership Coaching clients had to say about our time together.

Hannah Nieves - Founder & CEO of Luxury PR Agency

Hannah Nieves - Founder & CEO of Luxury PR Agency

Hannah Nieves - Founder & CEO of Luxury PR Agency

"Working with Mariela was hands down one of the best investments I've made in my business yet. I approached her because I trust her, and I knew she could help support me with the expansion of the brand when it came to leadership.

Mariela helped me by providing me and my team with actionable and intentional leadership skills that will impact our business in years to come.

Having her support me in this capacity has helped set the foundation I needed. With her help, we hired 3 full-time employees within a few months, and since then our revenue has tripled each month. We are even developing leaders on our team now.

Our time together was incredible! Mariela is a wealth of knowledge, she holds space when you need it and gives actionable advice and feedback."

Taylor M Tieman Esq. - Attorney & Founder of LegalMiga Library

Taylor M Tieman Esq. - Attorney & Founder of LegalMiga Library

"Working with Mariela was nothing short of amazing. She helped me structure my business before jumping into hiring someone, making sure I was prepared to even hire in the first place! Mariela introduced me to a project management platform, and together we laid out my systems, processes, and checklists (that previously did NOT exist).

Without having these processes, hiring a new person would have been a total mess. I wouldn’t have felt as organized in the onboarding process of my new hire, and I know for a fact that I saved SO much money doing this with her help.

Mariela was willing to go above and beyond to make sure I was understanding and implementing, and catered to my personal comfort levels.

I felt like she cared about me and my business, and not just preaching "one way" to do things. She is THE BEST. I’m telling every single attorney I know they need this."

Taylor M Tieman Esq. - Attorney & Founder of LegalMiga Library
Ashley McMillan - Senior Sales Manager, Series A Tech Startup

Ashley McMillan - Senior Sales Manager, Series A Tech Startup

Ashley McMillan - Senior Sales Manager, Series A Tech Startup

"I spoke to 10 different leadership coaches before I found Mariela. The moment we met I knew she was the coach I needed to push me beyond my comfort zone and really look within. From the very first call, I felt like I had known her my entire life.

As I transitioned from an individual contributor to leading a team of 15+ people, Mariela helped me feel comfortable with the uncomfortable, realize my strengths, unpack the outrageous expectations I was holding myself to, and provided insightful ways to motivate my team. 

She also helped me understand how to approach feedback and interpersonal issues with empathy. The list goes on and on!

Mariela empowered me to be okay with not being perfect or living up to my own impossible standards. This helped me build the necessary confidence I needed to know 'I can do this and do it well'.

My mindset has shifted from 'I don't know what I'm doing so I am going to respond to everything no matter what time to overcompensate for my lack of direction' to 'I'm setting my own personal boundaries by not responding to messages after hours. I am seeing validation from different members of leadership and ACCEPTING these as facts. I am no longer creating the false narrative that I am not deserving or worthy of the position I have been given. I am a rockstar.'

Before, I was overwhelmed, not honoring my boundaries, feeling unmotivated, and unsure of myself and my abilities. Today, I am confident, I am loving my position, and I have a renewed sense of passion for seeing my team succeed.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Mariela! This has been an incredible experience and one I will never forget. Thank you so much!"

Monica Yates - 7-figure CEO, Speaker & Life Coach

Monica Yates - 7-figure CEO, Speaker & Life Coach

"Mariela empowered me to learn my leadership style, something I wouldn’t have done before, and now I know that hiring is more about personality than just skillset.

I loved how direct and ORGANISED she was. She really knows her stuff when it comes to managing people and helped me by figuring out the next person I needed to hire. Mariela - you’ve got me for life now!"

Monica Yates - 7-figure CEO, Speaker & Life Coach


Gaia B. - United Nations

"Mariela was by my side during one of the most important chapters of my life, having just started a managerial position within the United Nations. I lead a team of 100 people, and the project I manage is now so successful that the donor has decided to double the amount of funding. I honestly don’t think this would be possible without Mariela’s guidance.

With patience, warmth and clarity, Mariela helped me develop systems, processes, and checklists to organize my work, and helped me modernize my workplace, introducing me to project management platforms that have revolutionized the way we work.

I approached Mariela feeling totally overwhelmed. I had to set up systems, recruit and train a huge number of staff in a short period of time, with the pressure to perform as a young woman in a patriarchal industry. 


Mariela was a constant source of new ideas and encouragement during some of the toughest moments in my new role.


She helped me find my voice and creativity in the rigid, hierarchical workplace setting. Thanks to her support I was able to make real change within my team. As a result, my team is more collaborative, open, inspired and we can all work as our best selves.

With her support, I was able to grow my leadership skills and leverage my strengths, while also learning to become more assertive and navigate difficult conversations with staff members. Mariela’s focus on balance and health has kept me sane, and I found in her much more than a coach, but a friend and ally. I felt extremely supported and empowered throughout the time we worked together, and I hope to continue working with her in the future as I build my career in the United Nations."



Luke Carter - CEO of Zuzu Creations


"I approached Mariela because I was in a position where I was dealing with problems that I'd never come across before: trying to navigate running my own business, without any kind of experience in marketing or leading teams. The only experience I had was just doing it and making it up as I went along. So I was desperately searching for any sort of guidance. 

The first few things that I needed help with were based around my team structure, my management style, and how I was leading people and showing up at work every day. I remember as soon as I started working with Mariela, and we had our first one-on-one call, even just the process of soundboarding off of someone really helped me to untangle all of the weeds that were just growing in my mind around. 

It was almost like having another partner in my business who I could trust to be on my side and tell me the truth.

Working with Mariela was definitely a breath of fresh air. Having that wise counsel, knowing that someone who's been through the trenches and experiences similar problems in her own business, career, and life, and was able to kind of guide me through certain sticky situations, whether it was dealing with new client acquisitions, or structuring my team."


Hannah Martin - Founder & CEO of Woc Space

Hannah Martin - Founder & CEO of Woc Space

"Mariela empowered me to lean into the vision for my business, to dare to dream bigger, and--even more--plan for that future. I became the employer I had always wanted for myself, and created the workplace I always wanted and never found in a traditional 9-5.

Mariela is a great listener and a great mentor, and I wanted more of her presence in my process for planning business and life. She encouraged me without pressuring me, and held space for me as a person and for my business. She created continuity and drew connections across the differing areas in my life in a way that was insightful and actionable. As a result, my team dynamic has shifted to create a space where we are all collaborative, honest, and can work as our best selves.

I can be my best, creative, and flexible self without feeling burdened by who I'm "supposed" to be, and my team members are inspired, motivated, and invested in the success of our organization.

Mariela is like the angel on my shoulder with gentle nudges, strong encouragement, and a listening ear, always. She has such wisdom and heart to give, and it was great to be seen, fully, as not only a business owner and founder, but a human being."

Hannah Martin - Founder & CEO of Woc Space
Taylor Daniels - Founder & CEO of It's VA Tay LLC

Taylor Daniels - Founder & CEO of It's VA Tay LLC

Taylor Daniels - Founder & CEO of It's VA Tay LLC

"Working with Mariela allowed me to hire within a week of our intensive... A FREAKING WEEK! Without her, I am not sure I would have ever actually done it.

When we talked on the phone for the first time and I knew right away she was going to be the push I needed!

She showed me how hiring would not only help me grow my biz but would allow me the freedom to shift how I use my time with business and family.

Mariela gave me all the tools she had to execute and was there to support me through the entire thing.

I hired a Marketing Manager who has made WAVES in my company already. This was the transformation I needed."

Hey, I'm Mariela...

And I'm a Leadership and EQ-Certified coach. My mission is to help women become powerful leaders by breaking past mindset, societal, and patriarchal blocks that keep them small.

For 15 years, I helped multi-million dollar companies and startups build profitable brands while growing highly-engaged, award-nominated marketing teams across the globe.

Leadership can take many forms, but it starts with us. I'll help you trust and lead yourself FIRST, so you can grow your business and team.


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