Leadership Coaching

Leadership is so much more than being in charge of people. It takes emotional intelligence and the ability to lead yourself FIRST. Whether you lead a team at a company or within your business, I'll help you become a confident, respected leader of a high-performing team who truly makes an impact.

If you have ever wondered....

〰️ How do I hire the right people?

〰️ How do I get my team to a place where I'm only involved a fraction of the time?

〰️ How do I make decisions more confidently?

〰️ How can I approach difficult conversations, manage my emotions and make better decisions under stress?


Then I'm the coach for you.

Leadership will push you to grow in every way. Whether you’re about to step more into the public eye, or hire/expand your team… it all requires leadership.

For the last five years, I’ve recruited, led and scaled award-nominated teams from 0 to 6 people. To do that, I had to embody the leader within me and develop the necessary skills to influence, with and without authority.

That’s what I help you do.


1:1 Private Leadership Coaching is customized to you. A snapshot of what our time together may look like:

Mindset and EQ development:
〰️Emotional intelligence (EQ): You will start by taking the EQ-i 2.0, the world’s only scientific measure of emotional intelligence (used by Google, Microsoft, Nike, Amazon, and Stanford University). This will provide us with a foundation of where you are now, and which key skillsets are affecting your ability to lead.
〰️Mindset: We'll look at the fears and beliefs you hold that are getting in the way of being an effective leader.

Team structure and growth:
〰️Evaluate current team and areas of growth.
〰️Learn my proven framework for hiring engaged, high-performers.
〰️Growth & Development planning.

〰️Psychometric and EQ assessments to understand team strengths and communication patterns.
〰️We'll help your team build leadership skills so they can work together more effectively.

Even if you don’t have a team, we’ll build your leadership skills so you can become more influential, confident and build stronger personal and professional relationships.



Hannah Nieves - Founder & CEO of Luxury PR Agency

Hannah Nieves - Founder & CEO of Luxury PR Agency

Hannah Nieves - Founder & CEO of Luxury PR Agency

"Working with Mariela was hands down one of the best investments I've made in my business yet. I approached her because I trust her, and I knew she could help support me with the expansion of the brand when it came to leadership.

Mariela helped me by providing me and my team with actionable and intentional leadership skills that will impact our business in years to come.

Having her support me in this capacity has helped set the foundation I needed. With her help, we hired 3 full-time employees within a few months, and since then our revenue has tripled each month. We are even developing leaders on our team now.

Our time together was incredible! Mariela is a wealth of knowledge, she holds space when you need it and gives actionable advice and feedback."


Gaia B. - United Nations

"Mariela was by my side during one of the most important chapters of my life, having just started a managerial position within the United Nations. I lead a team of 100 people, and the project I manage is now so successful that the donor has decided to double the amount of funding. I honestly don’t think this would be possible without Mariela’s guidance.

With patience, warmth and clarity, Mariela helped me develop systems, processes, and checklists to organize my work, and helped me modernize my workplace, introducing me to project management platforms that have revolutionized the way we work.

I approached Mariela feeling totally overwhelmed. I had to set up systems, recruit and train a huge number of staff in a short period of time, with the pressure to perform as a young woman in a patriarchal industry. 


Mariela was a constant source of new ideas and encouragement during some of the toughest moments in my new role.


She helped me find my voice and creativity in the rigid, hierarchical workplace setting. Thanks to her support I was able to make real change within my team. As a result, my team is more collaborative, open, inspired and we can all work as our best selves.

With her support, I was able to grow my leadership skills and leverage my strengths, while also learning to become more assertive and navigate difficult conversations with staff members. Mariela’s focus on balance and health has kept me sane, and I found in her much more than a coach, but a friend and ally. I felt extremely supported and empowered throughout the time we worked together, and I hope to continue working with her in the future as I build my career in the United Nations."


Read more testimonials from Leadership coaching clients here.

Ready to become a confident, impactful leader?

Hey, I'm Mariela...

I’m a certified EQ leadership coach, former Director of Marketing, and an expert in leading highly-engaged teams.

I look at how cultural conditioning shapes us, so WOC and daughters of immigrants can become the powerful leaders they were always meant to be.

My clients include 6- & 7-figure entrepreneurs, corporate WOC, and United Nations leaders.

I know what it's like to be the youngest and only woman of color sitting at the table. But I make sure I won't be the last.

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