Five Content Categories to Include in your Instagram Mix

Oct 11, 2019

Is your Instagram content falling flat or becoming too predictable? Are people liking but not commenting?

Now for the harsh truth: Pictures of your kale salad and your cute Pug named Pedro will only get you so far in this Instagram game. If you treat IG like your personal Facebook, the only people who will follow you are people who already know you. Unless you’re posting #thirsttrap pics. 🍑 👀 👄

But if you treat it like a sales page and always use the same approach, they're going to tune you out or even worse, unfollow. People want to get to know the person behind the account (that's you hun!), so it can't be all about your business or all about you. It's a balance, and the right content mix will have your followers creeping on your account daily to see what magic you've got served up for them.

Here’s how you can serve your audience while mixing it up so they get hooked on YOU AND YOUR CONTENT!

Instagram content falls into 5 categories, so mix it up:

  1. EDUCATION - tips, tutorials, advice
  2. INSPIRATION - quotes, vulnerable or transformational stories, resilience
  3. BEHIND THE SCENES - sneak peek into your daily life or business
  4. COMMUNITY - If you’re niche enough, your followers become an asset to one another and return your page for a sense of belonging (example: @latinxtherapy)
  5. ENTERTAINMENT - for fun

You don’t need to do all 5, but you do need to have a content MIX. The categories you use most depend on who your account is for.

Personal accounts rely on #3s because that what their audience wants.

To attract clients, lead with #1 (about 70% of your content), sprinkle #2 (to remind them of what’s possible) and #3 to build the “know, like & trust” factor.

You can make your education entertaining too! Remember to always ask questions in the captions that prompt discussion so your followers have a clear call to action to engage with.

When it comes to IG stories, have fun with it! Solo dance parties. Your Pug Pedro eating ice cream. Just keep your target audience in mind and try to infuse education with entertainment.

When someone lands on your profile, it needs to be obvious what’s in it FOR THEM.